PVCC_Boy_Final - Dave Pluimer
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Sago Palm Frond

A macro image of a new frond being produced by our sago palm. Its been over a year since the last frond was produced. These are very slow growing plants. Strobist info: One YN 568EXii on top and to the right of the camera, modified with a small softbox and fired at about 1/2 power. The YN was attached to the camera with an OCF cord, and acted as a master to trigger a canon 430 EXii to camera left, modified with a stofen diffuser, fired at 1/64 power to provide the hairlight. A small reflector was positioned to the immediate left of the camera/subject to add a little fill light. You can see a setup shot here: https://www.flickr.com/gp/rcjeske/azN323

jeskeNewSagopalmFrond100LCanon 100LCanon 7DiiOCFblack backgroundcanonclose upcolorgreenhair lightmacropalm frondsago palmstrobist