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A printed image is the end goal of any photograph. As nice and convenient as a file you can share in email or Facebook is, nothing compares to actually holding that printed memory in your hands. This is as true today as when photography started over 100 years ago.

Both of the options outlined below are available by clicking the "Buy" button located in the lower right corner of the page where viewing the image.

Option #1 - Order Prints Directly

Prints of every image in the gallery can be ordered directly from the gallery in a variety of sizes, includes wallets and some mounted options. This is the easiest option and the quickest way for you to get a premium quality print of your cherished photograph. The images are printed by a lab that is highly regarded in the professional photography industry. As a matter of fact, I often use this same lab to print images that I use in competition. So, I can tell you with 100% confidence that the results are excellent and award winning.

Option #2 - Download a High-Res File

If for some reason you just need or want to make your own prints, high resolution downloads are available for a nominal fee. This is adequate enough for prints up to 11x14 in most cases. And, this download is for personal use only. No commercial use or any other use of any kind in any way is permitted. From there, you can choose any print lab you wish to fulfill your needs. But, know that not all labs are created equal. If you care enough to print the image, have it printed at a professional lab. The results are noticeable and worth the few extra dollars or cents. As for labs, I can recommend without reservation Nations Photos Lab, White House Custom Color, and American Color Imaging.

Option #3 - Canvas

Printing to canvas is as popular now as it ever has been. And, there are many options to choose from. Not only can your image be printed to high quality canvas, you can also get creative by choosing to split the image into pieces , using multiple canvases to make up a single image. This is a great option for larger prints like you will find over a sofa, on large walls, or over over a headboard. Contact me directly for options, pricing, and ordering.

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