Personal Project - Hotel Tango Bourbon

I picked up this bottle at our local Costco fully intending not to open it until I made an image or two with it. As I already do some beverage work I wanted images made with this to be different in terms of mood and styling. This was the perfect subject for a personal project.

A dark, moody image is part of my general style as it is. What I thought about with this image was to prop and style the bottle in a way that tells the military story behind the distillery - co-founded and owned by a disabled combat veteran. This is different in the majority of propping or story-telling in my images is very centered on food aspects or elements.

Having come from a military family and being a competitive shooter, some props like the ammo cans and rifle magazines were already on hand. A trip to a local surplus store for the OD green t-shirt, USMC cover, and a set of dog tags pulled it all together.

Untitled photo
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