Sessions - Dave Pluimer

How Do We Get Started?

Simple - call me at 317-225-6740 or email me at


Restaurants & Food

Restaurant menu shoots for web, social media, and print/email marketing start at $475. These typically take at least two hours. I provide a number of services to restaurants and the food industry. If  you have a question, please ask.


Other shoots commercial shoots are priced per project and include two components:

      Creative Fee - includes the time plan, prepare, and capture the images.

      Postproduction fee - the time and skill to create and deliver the final images

Included within the creative fee is a standard 10yr license for the following uses: web, social media (photo credit required), corporate collateral, wall display, professional competition, trade publication, and trade show display.

Cost Sharing

In some scenarios, multiple parties may have interest in the photographs produced for a specific job. Cost Sharing offers to each party then discounted prices for access to licensed images. This is common with jobs involving commercial property developments. 

Who Owns The Images?

Clients are provided a license to the images for the outlined uses for the specified time. Dave Pluimer always retains copyright to all images.

Can I Share The Images With Others?

If you mean subcontractors or vendors, no. However, if they are interested, I'm more than happy to discuss cost sharing options which may reduce your overall spend. If you mean share on your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter feeds? Then yes, please!  Just remember to credit me @davepluimer.

Are You Willing To Travel?


What Gear Do You Use?

Canon EOS cameras & L lenses, Kirk Enterprises camera support, Capture One & Adobe Photoshop.

Are You Easy To Work With?

I try very hard to be. Really. 

Who Are Some of Your Clients?

St Elmo Steakhouse, Endangered Species Chocolate, North Mechanical Contracting, Capitol Construction, Hammerton Lighting, Grindstone on The Monon, Old Major Market, Moody's Butcher Shop/Legacy Maker Meats, Edible Indy Magazine, Ocean Prime, Hedge Row American Bistros

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